High School

(14 to 18 years; Grades 9 – 12)

The Continuum High School courses of study reflect an integration of the Florida essential elements (Next Generation Sunshine State Standards (NGSSS)/Common Core State Standards (CCSS)), the newest research about the developmental needs of adolescents, the Montessori philosophy, current learning theory, and the predictions of the skills needed for a productive life in the twenty-first century. The curriculum and instruction are designed as a four-year program in which classes meet the rigorous criteria of honors distinction. Unique to our Montessori secondary program, Self-Construction courses focus on cultivating the whole student to realize her/his full potential. Senior Thesis is the culmination of this course work. The goal of Senior Thesis is to afford students the opportunity to pursue a topic about which they are passionate. They complete lasting, meaningful work that applies interdisciplinary knowledge and original research. Students complete a final thesis paper and present their work to the High School community. Our students will be prepared for academic success in college and with a vision for their personal future.

Course - High School