Middle School

(12 to 14 years; Grades: 7 – 8)

Seventh and eighth grade students are emerging into adolescence, a time of rapid personal growth and change. To guide our students through this critical period, Continuum has created a unique program. Our adolescent program emphasizes and encourages individual personal responsibility and collaborative learning. It designates large blocks of time to allow in-depth individual work and small group seminars. To help develop personal responsibility, Middle School students prepare periodic progress reports for their parents and are required to plan and lead these parent-teacher-student conferences. Service Learning activities and cross-age teaching also continue to build the collaborative skills of students at this level. All Middle School students take part in hands-on service learning and build real life skills by working off-campus as interns – one week with younger children and one working in local businesses. They also take part in student government committees and present science and history lessons to fellow students. Every other year, a student group travels to New York, China, or Italy to participate in the Montessori Model United Nations along with students from all over the world.

Course - Middle School