Read how Montessori students learn and grow from their own perspective.

Lily Carnahan

High School Freshman

One of the greatest parts about Montessori are the educators. I am eternally grateful for the way my teachers pushed me to grow and learn.

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Sarah Sanchez

University of California

Montessori education made me a self-directed and independent learner as well as one who thinks outside the box.

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Samantha Fasshauer

Central Florida Film & Television Broadcast Industry

My Montessori education made it easier for me to learn. I’m someone who needs to be able to work with my hands to learn how to use or do something.

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Ava Capri Harley

High School Sophomore

Through Montessori, I learned to be open to contrasting views and to always explore what I am passionate about.

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Emma Reale

Florida International University

Since my Montessori education, I have never had issues with time management.

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Danielle Hercules

Florida State University

The time I spend at Montessori helped set me on a path of exponential success.

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Heath Jones

Insurance Agency Entrepreneur

Being able to work at my own pace allowed for true growth as a student.

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Chapin Noel

Sophomore at Goucher College

Montessori sculpted me into the person I am today while I was malleable enough to facilitate that.

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Daniel Bastos

School of Visual Arts

I found that my learning, effort, and initiative were all associated with pleasure and success during the most formative years of my life.

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Cameron Giffin

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Montessori showed me the direction in which I needed to go and gave me the tools to get there.

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Mailyn Stiffler

Media, Culture, and Communications, New York University

Through my Montessori education I gained both academic knowledge and life skills in a way that was genuinely enjoyable.

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